Our Story

Welcome to Organisation Hands On, where dedication meets action in the pursuit of positive change. We are proud to share our impactful journey of implementing transformative initiatives that drive change and create opportunities in rural communities. Through our unwavering commi tment and successful implementation of Public Employment Programmes (PEPs) under the Social Employment Fund (SEF) and the EPWP Non – State Sector programme in collaboration with the Independent Development Trust (IDT), we have achieved remarkable results
Organisation-Hands-On (OHO) is a nonprofit organisation based in Modimolle, Limpopo, South Africa. It was established on the 3rd of November 2011 and registered as a legal entity on the 4th of July 2013. OHO advocates for the development of youth and their participation on redressing the wrongs of the past and addressing the persistent challenges to youth development on the African continent.
Challenges such as, general poverty, high rate of youth unemployment and joblessness, high drop-out rates and inadequate skills development, teenager pregnancy, high rate of youth violence and substance abuse, lack of access to sporting and cultural opportunities, exclusion of and inadequate employment, environmental renewal and services for disabled youth are included
Organisation Hands On envisions, an Africa in which young people and their communities not only enjoy and contribute to their full social, political and economic potential, but also recognize their responsibilities to develop and build a better Africa for all.

Our Vision

At Organisation Hands On, we envision a world where every community, no matter how remote, experiences the positive ripples of change. Our activities are not just projects; they are catalysts for progress, creating a ripple effect that extends far beyond initial interven tions.

Keys to our success


OHO has a strong network of support with the Department of Education, communities, private business, Department of Social development and the justice system.


We conduct regular training programmes for both staff and volunteer mentors improving their ability to become successful mentors and communicators.


OHO launches regular and effective fundraising campaigns to ensure the continued expansion of the organisation’s


We continually monitor the effectiveness of our programmes to ensure that the prograims remain current and effective throughout its lifespan.

Readibereka. We are Hands On.

Initiative by Organisation Hands On

‘Readibereka’ a term derived from the Sepedi language, one of the local dialects in the northern parts of South Africa. The term ‘Readibereka’ loosely translates to ‘We are Hands On’ in English. It’s an interesting approach to capturing the essence of our mission and goals through a meaningful term in a local dialect.

‘Readibereka’ reflect the organisation’s commitment to actively engaging and participating in various programmes to drive social change and improve the lives of individuals within their community.

Our Management Team


Founder, President & Grant Co-ordinator

Mashudu Paul Shovhote

Programme Manager

Makoma Moropa

Programme Coordinator

Morongwa Makgeta

Programme Administrator

Jimmy Moria Ntshebele

Operations Manager

Our strategic partners & sponsors

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